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  • Lint — may mean: * Fibrous coat of thick hairs covering the seeds of the cotton plant * Fuzzy fluff that accumulates on various fabrics, which can be removed via a lint roller * Fibers that become trapped in the lint filter of a clothes dryer * Navel… …   Wikipedia

  • Lint — bezeichnet eine Baureihe von Nahverkehrs Dieseltriebwagen, siehe Alstom Coradia LINT ein Werkzeug zur statischen Code Analyse, siehe Lint (Programmierwerkzeug) eine Gemeinde in Belgien, siehe Lint (Belgien) Lint ist der Familien bzw. Künstlername …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Lint — (l[i^]nt), n. [AS. l[=i]net flax, hemp, fr. l[=i]n flax; or, perh. borrowed fr. L. linteum a linen cloth, linen, from linteus linen, a., fr. linum flax, lint. See {Linen}.] 1. Flax. [1913 Webster] 2. Linen scraped or otherwise made into a soft,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • lint — (text.) s. n. Trimis de siveco, 10.08.2004. Sursa: Dicţionar ortografic  LINT s.n. Nume dat fibrelor lungi de bumbac rezultate după egrenare. [< engl. lint]. Trimis de LauraGellner, 18.05.2005. Sursa: DN  LÍNT s. n. fibre lungi de bumbac,… …   Dicționar Român

  • lint|y — «LIHN tee», adjective, lint|i|er, lint|i|est. 1. full of or marked with lint. 2. like lint: »the linty seeds of dandelion …   Useful english dictionary

  • lint- — *lint germ.?, Substantiv: nhd. Leinen ( Neutrum), Leinwand; ne. linen (Neutrum); Rekontruktionsbasis: as., ahd.; Interferenz: Lehnwort lat. linteum; Etymologie: s …   Germanisches Wörterbuch

  • lint — [lint] n. [ME linnet, prob. < lin, linen: see LINE2] 1. scraped and softened linen formerly used as a dressing for wounds 2. cotton fiber used to make yarn 3. the waste cotton remaining after ginning 4. a) bits of thread, r …   English World dictionary

  • lint — [lınt] n [U] [Date: 1300 1400; : Latin; Origin: linum flax, linen ; LINE1] 1.) especially AmE soft light pieces of thread or wool that come off cotton, wool, or other material British Equivalent: fluff 2.) BrE soft cotton material used for… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • lint — [ lınt ] noun uncount 1. ) AMERICAN small pieces of thread or wool that come off cloth or clothes 2. ) MAINLY BRITISH soft cloth, used for protecting a cut or burn on your skin …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • lint — /lɪnt / (say lint) noun 1. a soft material for dressing wounds, etc., procured by scraping or otherwise treating linen cloth. 2. bits of thread or fluff. {Middle English lyn(e)t flax, ? Old English linwyrt, from līn flax + wyrt wort2} –linty,… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Lint — (engl.), gezupfte Leinwand, Scharpie; auch ein flanellartiges Gewebe aus Baumwolle, zur Darstellung von medikamentösen Linten (Karbollint, Borlint [s.d.]) etc …   Kleines Konversations-Lexikon

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